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Anders 2019 RIP 9 RDO Bike Check

Posted in: Blog
By Reese Ruland
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Anders 2019 RIP 9 RDO Bike Check

Words and Photos: Anders Nystrom 
I’m running a Deity Cockpit with their new 35mm OS bore bars and 35mm length stem. This is shorter than what I was running on my old bike with the same rise and backsweep so that I have more control over quick and snappy turns and flicks for both riding and especially for bowled out Dual Slalom turns! This plus the shortened suspension makes the new RIP an ideal dual personality with allowing for tight railed DS berms and rhythms but also a more raked fork with a slightly slacker headtube means I have yet to feel vulnerable on a rough and technical trail. And that’s all without even venturing into the low setting of the “flip-chip”!!
2019 RIP 9 RDO Niner Bikes
I have a nice little insurance policy in the form of a low profile e*thirteen SL chainguide, not that I don’t trust the beautiful X01 Eagle! But why take the risk when I know a national title can be decided by a chain staying on or not. 
A big difference between my adjusted build and the stock build is that I traded the Flow S1 wheels for my currently set up Flow MK3 wheels. These were already seated with Cushcore inserts which gives me both peace of mind over the burliest of rock gardens while allowing me to venture into some seriously low tire pressure ranges! Being 6’ 3” and around 175lbs I can still run 20/21 up front and 22/23 in the back without any fears of rock damage which allows the RIP to shine even more on trail! Swapping the wheels out also allowed me to increase my front brake diameter from 180mm (stock) up to 200mm for even more braking power. While you have those stats of me in mind, I have my suspension aired to 76psi up front and 196 in the rear. Enduro and Trail riding I leave the rebounds more or less centered, front being 1-2 clicks towards faster and rear being perfectly centered or one click to slow. For Dual Slalom I bump the air in both about 20psi, bump the front rebound back to center, bump the rear rebound to about 4 clicks from slowest, and set compressions in both to medium instead of full open.
Overall I have fallen completely in love with this bike and cannot wait to get the racing season started on this beauty! Round 1 is Dual Slalom and Downhill at Sea Otter!