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More from 'Tyler Henderson'

More from “Tyler Henderson”

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Check out this custom RLT 9 RDO build by Jackalope Sports!

Check out this custom RLT 9 RDO build by Jackalope Sports!

Gravel riders seem to fall into one of two general groups: adventurers or racers. The adventurers choose stable, sturdy gravel bikes with sensible gearing, ample cargo fitment, and durable tires. The racers -- not so much. It's all about speed and efficiency.

Case in point: this RLT 9 RDO build by sales rep and racer extraordinaire, Josh Saxe. Let's join Josh for a tour of his exotic, rally-ready RLT!

4 months ago

Amanda Nauman gives us tips on how to have a successful LTL.

How to Make a Route for the Long Tiny Loop

In the aftermath of making hundreds of turns in a long, tiny loop for this project, there were quite a few people who messaged me with questions about how to create their own routes. I’ve put together a list of suggestions here that apply to routing for an attempt at the Long Tiny Loop or just any route in general!

You can read more about the Long Tiny Loop from Menso de Jong’s write-up here:
5 months ago
SDG Monster Hydro Team Tackles Long Tiny Loop in California

SDG Monster Hydro Team Tackles Long Tiny Loop in California

During COVID lockdowns, people around the world have completed varying degrees of crazy activities in very limited spaces. From parking lot marathons to single-story stair climbing Everestings, it seems we all need our exercise more than we need our sanity. While we are fortunate to not be truly under quarantine in this country, stay-at-home orders and heavily-impacted hospitals are good reasons to look for challenge and adventure closer to home. Enter the “Long Tiny Loop”.

5 months ago
Cerakote SIR 9

Cerakote SIR 9

We have said it before and we will say it again, we here at Niner love a custom paint job on our favorite bikes. For example, Niner has a long history of creating one-of-a-kind bike frames with an IMBA paint scheme and donating these bikes to support trail advocacy.

We did a super rad bike a few years back that many of you may remember. It was the Camouflage Cerakote RIP 9 RDO. Well, we are at it again! This time with the super versatile SIR 9.

6 months ago
Bicycle shipping and lead times.

Bicycle shipping and lead times.

Happy New Year to all our fans and loyal Ninerds. We hope that 2021 is treating you well so far. While we are encouraged by the start of a new year and the promise of new beginnings, we have to take a moment and address a burning question that carries over from 2020: “When can I expect my new NINER to arrive?”

6 months ago

RLT e9 RDO flat-bar conversion is flat-out fun!

When we first released the RLT e9 RDO, we knew right off the bat it was going to be a hit.  Replete with mounts for bottles, bags, racks and fenders, it is the ultimate Overland Adventure Vehicle! 

However, our engineers added some special sauce to the recipe when they were cooking up the designs for the bike, and corny (you'll see) cooking metaphors ensued! 

7 months ago

Why ride a single speed bike? Because, FUN!

With three new single speed bike builds in the Niner range this year, a lot of riders are probably asking, “why ride a single speed bike?” Indeed, we even ask ourselves what on earth is so awesome and so relevant about a bike with just one gear.  Isn’t riding a single speed bike really difficult? And if you somehow manage to make it easier, don’t you end up making it skull-crushingly slow? 

The answer to both of those questions is YES, most definitely! 

8 months ago

Syd and Macky Launch a new YouTube Channel!

Niner athletes Syd Schulz and Macky Franklin give insight on how and where to start your journey as a new bike mechanic with their new YouTube channel Syd Fixes Bikes.

9 months ago