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Bicycle shipping and lead times.

Bicycle shipping and lead times.
Posted in: Blog
By Tyler Henderson
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Bicycle shipping and lead times.

Wishing you a Happy Niner New Year, and ..“WHEN IS MY NEW NINER GONNA GET HERE?” 

Happy New Year to all our fans and loyal Ninerds.  We hope that 2021 is treating you well so far.  While we are encouraged by the start of a new year and the promise of new beginnings, we have to take a moment and address a burning question that carries over from 2020: “When can I expect my new NINER to arrive?

You’ve probably heard anything from two to twelve weeks before the elves can deliver your shiny, new, two-wheeled fun factory. And in many cases, those lead times keep changing.  Obviously, this is not an ideal situation for us or for you as our rider.  We know and appreciate that when you choose to commit your capital, you expect certain things in return.  One of which is the timely arrival of your badass new bike!

Trust us: we want just as badly to get a Niner under your butt as you do. We are just as excited to ship bikes out to you as you are getting and assembling them.  However as we all know, COVID-19 threw a tiny, virus-sized wrench into the works, yet this little strand of DNA was enough to cripple industries and economies around the world.

Global demand for bicycles skyrocketed during 2020 and it’s not hard to understand why. With team sports, gyms, bars, restaurants, and most forms of indoor fun made off-limits, recreationalists and riders turned to the great outdoors and consequently to running, hiking, and biking for a sense of solace and sanity.

We couldn’t be happier to see so many new faces out on the trails and gravel roads! (And if you’re new to the sport, WELCOME! We hope you love your new bike!)

However, the demand shock to our sleepy little bike industry has been unprecedented. At every level, from raw materials, to production, to logistics and transportation, the supply chain is under strain like never before. Between folks dusting off and repairing their old rides, to families outfitting their entire clan with fresh wheels, the profound pull for new bikes and parts is extraordinary.

 At Niner, we’re doing our best to stay agile and keep bikes moving out to local shops. As a smaller brand, we have the advantage of freedom to adjust component specifications on the fly. Many component vendors are allocating shipments to only their biggest customers, but our vendors have been cooperative with keeping us stocked with at least the minimum of our essential goods.

Even so, many parts that once were readily available at a moment’s notice, are now next to impossible to find.  The most basic parts like pedals and tires can now be out of stock for weeks if not months. Lead times on new orders have stretched to 14 months.

Rest assured - if you have a Niner on order, you will get it. However it’s nearly impossible for us to say exactly when. Factory slowdowns, port delays, trucking bottlenecks, and shifting allocations are all conspiring to cause havoc. The level of unpredictability is unprecedented.

We’re super sorry. We wish we had better answers. We’re doing our best and we appreciate your patience.

One thing we DO know for sure is that when your new Niner arrives, you’ll love it, and we will love you, our global family of loyal #Ninerds. Stay healthy out there, and PEDAL DAMN IT!