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Common Wild: Good stuff for a good cause

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Common Wild: Good stuff for a good cause

In the spirit of fostering collaboration between diverse outdoor companies, Niner is proud to participate in a conservation initiative that spans outdoor pursuits of all stripes. We are joining like-minded brands in promoting Common Wild, a holiday gift goods concept in which 100% of the proceeds from sale of Common Wild drinkware (Common Wild enamel mug and Nalgene bottle) are pledged to the conservation cause of our choice. Niner chooses IMBA, because WE LOVE TRAILS!

We've been #CommittedtoDirt from day one, and we're gonna stay that way until preservation of good dirt is the rule, not the exception.

We feel that conservation can bring Americans together. Red or blue, hunter or mountain biker, wildlife and wild places are essential to our collective humanity, the outdoor industry, and the passion of our customers and employees. That’s why we at Niner are proud to participate in the Common Wild Initiative.

Our friends at First Lite came up with the idea. They make simple, proven, versatile gear that provides comfort and performance in any situation while working to promote the pursuit of ethical hunting and land stewardship. They forged a coalition of like-minded outdoor brands who want to make a statement, send a message of unity, and make a contribution to the conservation organizations of their choice.

So today we forget about competition in the outdoor recreation economy. We want our voice and our message to be amplified. Therefore we are joining companies from a diverse spectrum of sports to raise money for conservation. When you purchase Common Wild gear, 100% of the profit will be donated to IMBA, the International Mountain Bike Association.

IMBA's commitment to trail building and preservation is second to none. More than any other organization, they have stood the test of time and remained steadfast in their mission: to keep mountain bikers riding mountain bikes on trails near where they live.

So add a Common Wild enamel mug or Nalgene bottle in your cart and we'll send the dollars to IMBA. Next time you sip on your camp coffee and crank down a ribbon of fresh cut, "grade A" singletrack, keep in mind that cup of coffee might have contributed to the building of that trail!


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