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Syd and Macky Launch a new YouTube Channel!

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By Tyler Henderson
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Syd and Macky Launch a new YouTube Channel!


Niner athletes Syd Schulz and Macky Franklin have been documenting their mountain bike racing adventures on YouTube for the past few years on their vlog channel Syd and Macky. However, this year, with racing canceled and Syd struggling to recover from a major injury, they decided to try something a little different. One thing led to another, and in early October they launched a second YouTube channel entirely devoted to bike maintenance, Syd Fixes Bikes

“Being a bike mechanic was never a goal for me,” Syd says, “but with being injured this year, I found myself wanting to learn how to work on my bike, since it was a way I could stay involved with bikes and gain skills without being able to ride.” 

And the results were hilarious.

 “I was really terrible at first, but we also realized that we were on to something, because I was making all the mistakes that a typical beginner would make. When you watch a pro mechanic work on a bike, they just make it look so easy. You get the opposite on our channel,” she says. 

On this Syd Fixes Bikes, you’ll find everything from tutorials on how to adjust a derailleur, to more complicated tasks, like servicing a fork. The goal is to present information in a humorous, but helpful, manner. And with bike shops experiencing record backlogs for maintenance work, and tons of new riders getting into a sport, it couldn’t have come at a better time.

“We want to demystify bike maintenance. It doesn’t need to be scary.”

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You can follow Syd and Macky at: @sydgschulz and @sydandmacky