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Ninerds Bike To Work

Posted in: Blog
By ninerbikes
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Ninerds Bike To Work

We are lucky to have our headquarters in a such a bike-friendly city like Fort Collins that it only makes sense to encourage our employees and our community to use their bikes not just for recreation, but for transportation as well. June has been designated as Fort Collins' Bike Month, so it seemed natural to kick off our Bike to Work Challenge on June first. Each month employees track how many times they commute to and from work. At the end of each month, from June through September, we award the person with the most days commuted gift certificates to local businesses as well as a trophy to display for all to see. Not to mention the bragging rights that come with such an honor. It's not just the fame, glory and prizes that make bike commuting so great, though. Compared to commutes by car, riding your bike to work reduces stress levels. Who doesn't want less stress in their life? It also can be pretty cost effective, for both the company (think health care savings!) and the person pushing the pedals. Check out this site to see how much you can save by biking, even just one day a week, to work. We want to encourage you to get out and ride a little more, drive a little less. It's better for everyone. Need some extra motivation or tips? Check these helpful resources out: National Bike Challenge 2018 People For Bikes

Check out some sweet commuters around the Niner office.

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