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Ride #GravadeMayo with Amanda "Panda" Nauman!

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By Zack Vestal
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Ride #GravadeMayo with Amanda "Panda" Nauman!

While the current pandemic has hindered our ability to race bikes and participate in group rides, we want to encourage you to explore your backyard and adventure! Amanda "Panda" Nauman is bringing you a fun opportunity to challenge yourself for the month of May during this questionable time period.


As a co-founder of the Mammoth Tuff event, it’s been important for Amanda to seek out the roads less traveled when creating routes for the event and she wants to share the experience of finding new roads with you.


The Grava de Mayo is a #PandaTuff challenge with a segment specific to Orange County, California, and the opportunity for anyone to create their own similar route. For Orange County participants, Amanda has put together a “Panda Tuff” mixed-surface segment of 18 miles and 1800ft of elevation gain. For those outside of southern California, we challenge you to create a similar nonstop segment with no traffic lights and no cars to hinder your biking adventure.

 Amanda’s take on the genesis of this idea:

“This challenge stemmed from a handful of rides I did on the Arroyo Trabuco Trail in SoCal. Every time I rode it with friends, we raved about how awesome it was and how removed from civilization it felt while being right in the middle of an urban area. After stringing a few training rides along the trail, we discovered we could ride from the ocean at Salt Creek Beach, all the way to the highest point of O'Neill Regional Park. After a few attempts, we routed an incredible non-stop, 18-mile segment and have always dreamed of hosting a race or time trial of sorts on the route. Virtual racing during this strange time has given us the opportunity to showcase the route and encourage everyone to get creative and route their own similar segments that are too good not to share. Explore your backyards and find those hidden trails you would have otherwise missed!”


All the information and details are at There are rules, guidelines, links to important information, and social media bonus points.