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RIP 9 RDO Demo Review

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By Reese Ruland
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RIP 9 RDO Demo Review

As a company, we put a big emphasis on demo events, not just because they are a great way to try a bike before you ride it, but because we love getting to know who's out there riding our bikes. Recently Vic Lozano wrote into us after demoing a Niner down in Phoenix. It's reviews and impressions like these that keep up inspired to build bikes that people enjoy riding. 

Demo Event Review

Vic Lozano

Niner bikes RIP 9 RDO Demo

Niner has figured it out with its most recent 2019 RIP RDO. I recently had the opportunity to ride a demo 29er RIP 9 RDO 4 Star in Phoenix, Arizona along the southern base of South Mountain.  The RIP came well prepped with FOX 36 Float Factory FIT 4 EVOL fork with Kashima coat, Stans NoTubes Flow S1 wheels, SRAM X01 Eagle drivetrain, SRAM RSC Brakes, and a FOX Float DPX2 Factory Evol with Kashima coat for the rear suspension.  Accompanied by a two-tone paint job, the RIP immediately grabbed my attention. I received comments while riding on how great the RIP looked.  After a seat adjustment and swapping out flat pedals for clipless, I was on my way to the trailhead.

Demo Tent Mountain BIke Niner Bikes

My immediate impression when riding to the trailhead was the RIP’s stability.  I felt most of my energy could be devoted to pedaling the bike rather than trying to control the bike.  With a moderate climb as I got closer to the trailhead, the feeling of pedaling efficiency continued as I remained seated and pedal bobbing was at an all-time low for me.  Once on dirt, I was rather surprised by how quickly I became confident on the bike. I was riding it as if I had owned it for years.  I certainly was not shy about dropping the seat post and finding a line to take it downhill and into corners.  Although the bike’s stability is a strong characteristic, its responsiveness was just as impressive as I maneuvered the RIP through southwestern rock gardens.

I thought ascending really showed the RIP’s geometry and center of gravity.   On short burst climbs, I was anticipating the front tire to be squirrely in sections but the tire kept in place.  Where I thought I would have slipping traction in the rear, the rear tire kept in solid contact with the loose-on-hard ground allowing me to climb hills faster.  Again, the stability was a huge factor for me in that I could focus more energy and concentration on pedaling rather than balance, making steep technical climbs more fun.    

RIP 9 RDO 2019

Another characteristic of the RIP is its ease to hold a line.  Once on a line, I found myself to be more relaxed rather than working to stay on the line whether it be uphill, downhill, or on the flats.   The other noticeable characteristic was quietness of the RIP.  There was no mechanical noise when pedaling and only hearing the tires contact the ground was peaceful.

Niner’s efforts in engineering and technology have found itself in the RIP.  Accompanied with Niner’s quality and customer service, a RIP would be a great bike for those wanting to get more serious into mountain biking and those that are already serious waiting for the ideal bike to come along.