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RLT e9 RDO flat-bar conversion is flat-out fun!

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By Tyler Henderson
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RLT e9 RDO flat-bar conversion is flat-out fun!

When we first released the RLT e9 RDO, we knew right off the bat it was going to be a hit.  Replete with mounts for bottles, bags, racks and fenders, it is the ultimate Overland Adventure Vehicle! 

However, our engineers added some special sauce to the recipe when they were cooking up the designs for the bike, and corny (you'll see) cooking metaphors ensued! 

The "math department" already knew the soup would be tasty with a carbon fork, drop bars and clearance for up to 700x50c tires .  But what if they could add some extra kick to take the bike one more notch up the scale of awesomeness?  Well, they didn’t just add a pinch of salt friend, they threw in half a jar of Ass Kickin' hot sauce in the form of suspension fork compatibility.

So what is the Soup of the day? That's right, a Bosch Performance Line Speed drive powered E-Gravel bike with tons of tire clearance, constructed of Niners’ RDO carbon fiber and suspension corrected geometry is the soup du jour and it sounds good, we'll have that. 

Check out the full spec below:

The Niner RLT e9 RDO flat-bar conversion is ready take you further than you thought possible on a gravel bike.

With the Fox AX (Adventure Cross) fork and its 40mm of travel pair amazingly well with the RLT e9 RDO's overlanding capabilities.

Throw on some flat pedals and mountain bike brakes and get ready to shred!

The more upright riding position and greater width offered by flat-bars allows the rider more comfort and control on rough terrain.


A mountain bike rear derailleur can solve two problems encountered when riding dirt.  The clutch mechanism keeps the chain taught and on the cassette and the longer cage is useful if you want to run wide range gearing.

Full Spec List: