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Secret Trails in Bavaria with Niner Trail Team Germany

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By Zack Vestal
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Secret Trails in Bavaria with Niner Trail Team Germany

"We at NTTG are based in the Allgäu Alps, Germany, and we specialise in riding steep, natural mountain terrain."

We find this type of riding the best way to travel on a mountain bike and we lovingly call it in German “Bike-Bergsteigen”, or “bike-mountaineering” in English. It’s all about having fun together as a group of friends, suffering on the uphills and relishing the reward of the downhill.

Our adventures aren’t about trying to prove something, rather they are about having awesome experiences together - being in nature, the people we encounter and the many happy hours riding together.

The challenge of discovering new trails, mastering technical sections and being on the move outdoors gives us so much back.

Team Members of NTTG

Martin Krug (Kempten, Germany) aka Onkel.

A mountain biker for over 25 years. He used to ride XC and MTB Marathon, but now he’s just on the lookout for special trails. A switchback-lover and a passionate trail scout.

Bernd Pfeifer (Oy-Mittelberg, Germany) aka Papa.

 With roots in motorsports trials, now an early-bird mountain biker. Owner of La Strega Custom Bike and Niner dealer for over 10 years. A bike-fitter and a geometry specialist straight out of Allgäu. Preferred bike: RIP 9 RDO.

Alfred Martin (Sonthofen, Germany) aka Catweazle.

He used to be a volleyballer and endurance athlete (Marathon/Mountain Running). Today, he’s a mountain bike Junkie.

Jon Williams (Oy-Mittelberg, Germany) aka: Künstler.

Originally from Snowdonia in Wales he works as a filmmaker, photographer and editor specialising in outdoor and adventure sports. His clients have included the likes of Red Bull, GoPro, DJI, Audi, Salewa, Craghoppers, Jack Wolfskin and the BBC.

Secret Trail

The Secret Trail is our local spot that’s always ready and never gets bored. It doesn’t matter if we ride it first thing in the morning, during our lunch break or just a quickie after work.

After the climb to the top, it is an almost unreal feeling. You roll between bare, towering trees, thick brambles and mountain meadows, until you dive into the trail’s starting point.

Already after the first two s-turns you are in your own world and fully focused, flowing through a fairytale-like forest.

Before you know it, the trail shows its demanding and challenging side. Roots, steep sections, and unforgiving tight technical turns.

The weather plays a big part in the changing character of this trail. One day dry and grippy, the next suddenly muddy and slippery, or just plain wet and almost untamable. This ever-changing versatility gives the trail a highly addictive nature and you just keep wanting to go back.

After you’ve navigated the first sections, the Secret Trail really shows you its evil side. Peppered with drops, tables and gaps that get the adrenaline flowing and force a big smile on your face.

And just as that adrenaline high has reached its peak, the trail spits you out, into the reality of everyday life, leaving you with the memory, the want for more but overall, a joy of life!

"If the Secret Trail is too hard, you are too weak!"