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Posts tagged 'mountainbiking'

What is a Single Speed Bike? Hint: It’s One Gear and it’s One-der-ful!

With all the advancement in bike derailleur and drivetrain technology in the last decade, many new bike riders are asking, “what is a single speed bike?” It is true that bikes with multiple gears are vastly more popular than bikes with one gear. There are a lot of advantages to bikes with multiple gears. But a cool single speed bike is worth a second look.


What is an e-bike? Answering this and all of your e-bike questions

Are you new to e-bikes? So are we! With the e9 Series of Bosch-powered e-mountain bikes introduced recently, we are diving into the world of e-bikes. Want to know more about these types of electric bicycles and the basics around them? This is your guide!


Bikes, balance, and life

For some, bikes are just another pastime, for others they are a training tool. But for us weekend warriors its a way of life; a common ground that unites all kinds of people from all walks of life.
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