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By ninerbikes
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A 5 a.m. casting call? Are you kidding me? When a mountain bike legend like Kirt Voreis shows up in town to shoot video and photos, an early morning isn‘t out of the question, even if your role is to be the driver and the videographer's lackey. You just do what you need to do because you understand, in the end, it‘ll be worth it...And it was. (Read on and watch the video recap below. You'll see office rides, catchin' air rides, a bit of history and a crash.) NOTHIN‘ LIKE THE FIRST TIME A few weeks back, Kirt flew into Colorado and visited Fort Collins for the first time, but not before he made a quick stop from the airport at Valmont Bike Park in Boulder to shake out the airplane legs and test out a wrist he broke back in November. A wrist, by the way, that he broke on the very same day he signed on with Niner. Upon arrival to HQ, the shenanigans began. Kirt put his RIP 9 RDO through its paces. Wheelies, ramps, no-handers and pole dancing made focusing on work rather challenging for many of us. Kirt ambled around, shook hands and met everybody – the warehouse guys, Andy, our factory store magician and all the office folks upstairs. It didn‘t take long until everyone got an idea of just how laid back and friendly Kirt is in person. THE WHOLE KIRTCHILADA From Monday afternoon until Friday morning, Kirt hung out. Between office antics and outdoor video shoots on his RIP 9 RDO, we kept him pretty busy, healing wrist and all. On our early morning drive down to Colorado Springs the banter between Kirt, Nate and Ian had us all laughing. (It was pretty entertaining when Nate locked Kirt in an outhouse before the ride...) Once we headed up the trail with camera gear and the shooting began, I was downright amazed at Kirt‘s bike handling skills and his ability to hit jumps with a still tender wrist. I can only imagine what things would have been like if he‘d been at 100%. Oh, and a big thanks to the guys at SRAM for showing us some fun trails to shoot. Without further ado, here‘s the Whole Kirtchilada in video format. We‘re glad he‘s found a home with Niner. (FYI: Kirt's next stop will be at Sea Otter where he'll be riding his RIP 9 RDO in the downhill competition and his JET 9 RDO in the dual slalom. Oh, and he's already made his way to the dirt jumps on his JET.) Want more Kirt? When you get done with the video, check out Kirt‘s answers to some questions we had a chance to ask before he headed back. He talks about nutrition, training, riding his bike as a job and a few other things, like the handful of rules he lives by... Welcome Home Kirt! from Niner Bikes on Vimeo.