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It started on a trail.

Every company has a unique startup story. You’ve probably heard a lot of stories about how some company got its start in some old, lackluster dingy garage. Well, we might have started small, but we started where any great mountain bike story starts, on a trail.

Let’s rewind to 2004. Founder Chris Sugai was running a successful car window tinting business in Los Angeles, but the business was running smoothly and he found himself with a lot of extra time on his hands. Which naturally meant more time doing what he loved, riding his mountain bike.

It was at this same time that he was trying out a twenty-nine inch wheeled single speed bike, a rarity at the time, on the trails of Los Angeles, when he noticed something. He was passing riders on the up and down hills. And then a lightbulb went off for Chris. Riding bikes is a fun hobby, but he was a businessman who wanted more. He’d always heard, “do something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” If there is one thing he would do, regardless of pay, it would be to ride his mountain bike. Which, we're sure, is something many of us can agree with.

Chris decided to take his passion and invest in it. His hope was to build a hobby company, something to fill his time. He did some research on 29" mountain bikes and found that, at that time, only seven companies offered such a bike. He set out to build a company that would specialize in custom like 29" bikes, in hopes to get more people on the big wheel bandwagon.

Engineers were hired. Sketches were made. Testing was done. And a bike was born. Niner's first bike was a scandium single speed 29er. Shortly after the arrival of the first shipment of Niners, the company started seeing massive growth, so much so, that over the next few years Chris' hobby business took up all of his free time. He eventually sold his window tinting business and focused all his efforts on developing innovative and, of course, fun, mountain bikes.

Since the inception of our first bike, we've grown our product line quite a bit. We realized that there any so many ways to enjoy dirt. We are proud to offer bikes that allow you to travel in the backcountry, go on long dirt rides, take hand-ups at your local cross race or rip down the trails at a bike park. We were founded on dirt and we're committed to making bikes that will give you the opportunity to see and ride all the dirt you can imagine.

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