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More from 'Zack Vestal'

More from “Zack Vestal”

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the Belgian Waffle Ride with Yuri Hauswald

Choosing Your Own Adventure – the Belgian Waffle Ride with Yuri Hauswald

“Have you ever noticed how bike racing can be a lot like those Choose Your Own Adventure books from the early 90s? You never know what consequences will come from the choices you make and how they will affect your adventure on two wheels. . .” Read more to see how Yuri’s first adventure with the famous Belgian Waffle Ride turns out.

13 days ago
“Hello, Niner? Yeah, so . . . where’s my new bike?”

“Hello, Niner? Yeah, so . . . where’s my new bike?”

Why is there such a huge shortage and shipping delay for new bikes? Well, there are actually several reasons and we can shed light on a few of them. Safe to say, both we at Niner Bikes and the industry at large have been on an uphill grind!

4 months ago
The 2009 Niner W.F.O. - Looking Back at a Legend

The 2009 Niner W.F.O. - Looking Back at a Legend

Throwback Thursday or not, after the train wreck of 2020, we at Niner Bikes have been fondly reminiscing about the good old days. Like, back in 2009, for example. Coming on the heels of 2008, which like 2020 was a crap-tastic year full of financial meltdown, political brawling, and general malaise, 2009 was a year full of hope and promise.

And at the peak of 2009, this kooky little bike brand from California dropped a 140mm travel 29er mountain bike called the W.F.O. 9. The rest, as they say, is history ...

9 months ago

RACK 'EM UP! Get a FREE cargo rack with RLT e9 RDO purchase

Now is the best time to find yourself astride the newest member of our e9 Series of Niner e-bikes, the RLT e9 RDO. Because from now until March 1, 2021, if you buy this pedal-powered SUV, we will give you a FREE REAR CARGO RACK!

Read more to learn about this sweet bike and how to take advantage of the offer.

11 months ago

Gravel Roads and Gourmet Grub - Yuri Hauswald and The Cyclist's Menu

Niner athlete and Cyclist's Menu camp guide Yuri Hauswald has been spending more and more time on his RLT 9 RDO in the arid desert of southern Arizona. With gravel- and grub-hungry riders arriving from around the country, Yuri's desert retreat takes on special significance this year. 

"This one time, at The Cyclist’s Menu gravel camp," he says, "I touched the border at an old ghost town and pedaled remote gravel roads that Pancho Villa once used ..."

11 months ago

Common Wild: Good stuff for a good cause

In the spirit of fostering collaboration between diverse outdoor companies, Niner is proud to participate in conservation initiative that spans outdoor pursuits of all stripes. We are joining like-minded brands in promoting Common Wild, a holiday gift goods concept in which 100% of the proceeds from sale of Common Wild drinkware (Common Wild enamel mug and Nalgene bottle) are pledged to the conservation cause of our choice. Niner chooses IMBA, because WE LOVE TRAILS!

11 months ago

What is a Single Speed Bike? Hint: It’s One Gear and it’s One-der-ful!

With all the advancement in bike derailleur and drivetrain technology in the last decade, many new bike riders are asking, “what is a single speed bike?” It is true that bikes with multiple gears are vastly more popular than bikes with one gear. There are a lot of advantages to bikes with multiple gears. But a cool single speed bike is worth a second look.

11 months ago

NEW Silver / Baja Blue RIP 9 RDO 29 and NEW build kits for 2021!

We're excited to announce updated Star Build kits for the 2021 model year, plus a new RIP 9 RDO color: the striking Silver/Baja Blue. There's never been a better time to scroll through the options and pick out your favorite.

1 year ago

Choosing 700c vs 650b for gravel – which one is better?

If you’re wondering how to choose between 650b and 700c for your next gravel bike, you’re not alone. All of the Niner gravel bikes can accommodate either 700c or 650b wheels and tires. In fact, we have expanded our selection of stock 4- and 3-star builds with the 650b wheel size.

 But which gravel bike wheel size is right for you? Let’s dive in to explain the difference between 700c and 650b gravel bike wheels.

1 year ago

The Insider's Guide to Gravel: Gravel Riding Tips from the SDG Team, Part 2

The heat of summer is upon us, but that's no reason to stop going out to ride gravel roads. We've got the connections to help you get started riding gravel roads. It can be intimidating learning to ride dirt roads, but there are plenty of resources available when you're ready to learn about gravel grinding. 

1 year ago